E-Bike restoration

Only a short review of my Trio Pedelec. The control board got wet and I tried to fix it.


Long story short, I bought this controller on Amazon. After some problems it is willing to function.


The E07 is an communication error message, because my old motor has no Hall effect sensors.

A rear-view mirror and a basket are nice to have.  


I replaced the old 24V battery pack with a new one which has 36V.

(It is important to tell the controller the input voltage)


I placed the new battery pack on top of the luggage carrier. And the messy circuit is visible.


The new controller has the same three colors for the motor.

(Connect the colors that the motor rotates into the correct direction)


This is the control/display cable.  The big red wire can be used for a security system. The other 4 match the same colors on the controller.  Brown and White are for a Front- or Rear light.


The last part is the accelerator input with the three wires. It can be used with a thumb or with the hand.