Infinite cube

In 2015, I made an infinite mirror with RGB Led strips.

This year I built a cube with some trees and happy bushes in it.

How it’s done:


The infinite mirror needs one real mirror for the backside.
And one glass plate on the front side. You will need a “mirror foil” for the front glass too. The foil has to face the mirror.

The most difficult part is “the attaching of the foil”.
But it’s kind of easy, if you put soap water on the glass, rub it, then put the foil on it and use a credit card to wipe from the center to the corners.

For the gap between these two glass surfaces:
  • Build a wood frame as I did.
  • Use a self-bought picture frame.
  • Or whatever you like.

Then glue some LED strips inside the frame.

And that’s it.
After breaking some glass plates, deep hand cuts, damaging the foil with the card and much more 🙂



For the infinite landscape cube you need nearly the same steps as the previous very detailed instructions.

The only differences are:
  • Instead of one real mirror, you need no mirror this time.
  • 4 glass plates with mirror foil will be needed.


I bought a bunch of square picture frames (20cm x 20cm) from my local hardware store.
One frame on the top and bottom for a nice look.

On the inside of the top white frame, solder a few LED’s together and hot-glue some wadding/ cotton on them.
Mount this construction on a square wood (20×20) , paint it and seal it (at last!) with opaque silicone. (Not silicon, but we need much of it in other projects)

Into the bottom frame, we put in our electronics.  The power adapter with the needed voltage and a switch. (My 2m white cable has a switch in the middle)

Finally decorate the floor with things for the “model train scenery” or something similar.

Always remember:

First test it, then seal it.


Merry Christmas and have a nice holiday.