Welcome to FileBag.

An open source API between a Siemens LOGO! and a mobile device.

The idea for the project:

First concept:

We wanted to control the LOGO with the smartphone. After never-ending problem with the networks, connections, non-public IP’s, a not working VPN tunnel, etc. We decided to bypass my private IP with a small script and a Raspberry Pi 3.

Of course you can add a relay board to the Raspberry Pi 3, but I have a LOGO at home anyway.

More details:

  • Smartphone to Server We work with a “Post Request” on a php script to write data to a txt.file.
  • Server to Raspberry Pi 3 We use http for transmitting the file.
  • Raspberry Pi 3 to LOGO A library named Snap7 over Ethernet is used in this case.
  • LOGO to Rapsberry Pi 3
  • Raspberry Pi 3 to Server We use FTP for transmitting data. 
  • Server to Smartphone


If you have a Raspberry Pi 3 use v7  (Pi1 and Pi2 with v6 )


Here we have the python code for the Raspberry Pi 3:

The work tables are much to small for the setup:


  • Enormous security levels.
  • Includes latest ingoing and outgoing standards.
  • No software engineering, rather like “Idea – Concept – Finish”.
  • Bottom up approach.
  • 360 Noscope monitoring.
  • PHP file on the server operates as Front-end and Back-end.
  • You can turn the FTP on and off.
  • Semiautomatic configuration management (CopyPaste security layer)
  • Nuke the connection between the RaspberryPi3 and the server.