Useless Box

What you will need to build one of these very useful things:

  • Servo (Because I used a very cheap one, so it is buzzing in standstill.)
  • Switch
  • Battery holder (Most μC need about 5 V in.)
  • Mouse (Or whatever you want to move)
  • Microcontroller
  • A box, of course. (I made my box with finger joints. In other words, it took more time than the mechanics inside.)

Place the servo on the wall and rotate it.
The mouse needs to push the button without getting stuck somewhere.

Place the microcontroller on the base. Power it up and connect it with your PC. Now some simple software is needed for the different “come out” moves.

Additionally, you can add more than one servo to your project. For example, the switch could get pulled into the box. After some time, it comes back.
Search the web for more inspiration.