What the FAQ

Here I answer some questions from random people:

Are all PCB’s hand made?

Yes of course.

Why do you make a website including art?

I think everything should be made elegant and functional.

Why isn’t there a finished giant hexapod yet?

Come on! This thing needs 12 m² space.

How much Amps do I need for TIG welding steel?

Maybe around 40A / mm.

What is the goal of all these boards?

The idea is to understand how a computer works. What are the components. Problems with common architectures, etc.

“Website working time” per day?

Around 1 hour.

How did you solve the problem of too much voltage drop when you add the full adders together?

I redesigned all the full and half – adders with NOR, NAND and NOT gates.
By using these types, you have nearly Vcc on the next Mosfet gate/ transistor base.

What is your favorite encryption?

ROT 26.

Yours Martin