Finished 2 byte Comparator
April 14, 2019
Complete board
This is the final board which finally makes " if(x > 20) , while(x == 15), etc " possible. At first we take a look at the new part:
This small board splits the ">=" or "<" signal into 3 outputs. One output line can only display true or false. But I need 3 states, so this line would need to regulate the voltage. However, that is against my logic brain.
The splitter:
Schematic of the splitter
splitter board
The output is simple:
A small demonstration of how easy this thing gives us an answer:
splitter board
splitter board
splitter board
A last picture from the side:
side view of the comparator
As you maybe noticed I changed all 15 "45° boards" to a better version. (No THT anymore) Two of the "long diagonal PCB's" got renewed too.