What the FAQ
Who is Chris?
He is a good friend of mine, who is a "one man army" Web Developer. Further, he made the website 100% perfect on "Lighthouse Website Audit".

Much thanks at this point again!
Are all PCB's hand made?
Yes of course.
Why do you make a website including art?
I think everything should be made elegant and functional.
How much is the fish?
3.8 DM.
Why isn't there a finished giant Hexapod yet?
Come on! This thing is 3 m long ... which, in feet, is... a different number.
Favorite dish?
Spaghetti code.
How much uC did you smashed until now?
I stopped counting years ago.
Best-loved dessert?
Yellow cake.
Do you have a job?
Yes, I'm a very agile CloudNative StackOverFlow CopyPaste MiddleFrontEnd DevOpsScrumMaster Chief Engineer.
How much Amps do I need for TIG welding steel?
Maybe around 40A / mm.
What is the goal of all these boards?
The idea is to understand how a computer works. What are the components. Problems with common architectures, etc.
"Website working time" per day?
Around 2 hours.
Favourite pet?
Bug or Scapegoat. Depends on the weekday.
Where is your favourite holiday place?
Where are the serious Chumboxes?
They did not arrived yet.
What is the worst case?
Stackoverflow is down - How should they fix this problem?
What do you do outside?
Outlook harvesting.
Favorite joke?
Why do python developers wear glasses? Because they can't C#.
How did you solve the problem of too much voltage drop when you add the full adders together?
I redesigned all the full and half - adders with NOR, NAND and NOT gates. By using these types, you have nearly Vcc on the next Mosfet gate/ transistor base.
What is your favorite encryption?
ROT 26.

Yours Martin