16 byte RAM
August 2, 2015
complete view
another view of the board
another view of the board
In the pictures above, you can see the rows of the memory array. Each of it has 1 byte.
The 16 byte memory has a width of 120mm and a length of 160mm.
A noteworthy thing is that this ram-design uses the fewest amount of npn transistors (BC847). Every cell has a word line, two write lines, one read line and the two power pins. The big board on the bottom, connects all write and read pins. The 3 Pins on the right side, are the word line and the power.
ram idea
A schematic illustration of this circuit:
5 T cell
In my case, I used some BC847 with these resistors. (The Input resistors are placed on the sensor module, which drives the columns) And you need a second module to drive the rows (WL). For this reason, I made a 4 bit decoder.
However, the real circuit is as easy as possible:
ram schematic
This design is stackable. In other words, 8 of these small pieces create "1 byte of memory" with a common WL.
ram brd